logo 22–23 October 2020

The 2017 4th Government Oil & Gas Fiscal Summit was a great success with over 25 countries represented. This unique government only summit brought together Wood Mackenzie’s petroleum fiscal experts with speakers and representatives from governments, regulators and NOCs from around the globe to exchange views and brainstorm possible new fiscal policies.

The Summit was focused on four key topics that are central to fiscal policy decisions around the world:

•    Being competitive
•    Fiscal stability
•    Getting a ‘fair share’
•    Revenue or profit sharing?

The Summit also used an innovative format to capitalise on the extensive expertise of all taking part by having:

•    Short, incisive presentations
•    Followed by Q&As session
•    Focused roundtables moderated by our Wood Mackenzie colleagues

For more information on how you and your company can get involved in the 5th Government Fiscal Summit, contact Patricia Borges on Fiscal@thecwcgroup.com or call +44 20 7978 0044

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