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The Energy Fiscal Week

CWC School for Energy and Wood Mackenzie are delighted to announce the Energy Fiscal Week providing a platform for industry discussion, sharing and learning via the 7th Government Oil & Gas Fiscal Summit and the Global Energy Fiscal Systems Course. For more information on the Course, please visit the Global Oil & Gas Systems Course website.

The Summit: 7th Government Oil & Gas Fiscal Summit

Designing stable, competitive fiscal systems to attract investment

This year’s Government Energy Fiscal Summit will focus on four key topics (laid out below) that are central to fiscal policy decisions around the world. 

Each session will begin with Wood Mackenzie’s global overview of the topic, providing the international oil company (IOC)’s perspectives. This will be followed by presentations from government / NOC participants, based on their experiences. 

This two day summit is the only forum exclusively for governments, NOCs, regulators, parastatals and tax authorities from resource producing nations. Participants will benefit from this unique opportunity to come together and discuss how they can develop their fiscal strategies to ensure they are delivering maximum value to their countries whilst still encouraging investment. The Summit will be held in collaboration with Wood Mackenzie.

Themes will center around:

  • Successful licensing strategies in a competitive environment
  • Progressive fiscal systems: windfalls and pitfalls
  • Energy transition: what could it mean for upstream terms?
  • Attracting gas investment
  • Fiscal policies for mature basins
  • Petroleum revenue management options

Participants will benefit from:

  • Being part of meeting exclusively for governments – there will not be any IOCs or service companies
  • Open and frank discussions – the Summit is conducted under the Chatham House Rule with no press in attendance
  • The opportunity to share experiences and learn from others
  • Insights from the world’s leading experts on fiscal policy


The Course: Global Oil & Gas Fiscal Systems Course

Wood Mac tools and analysis to optimise fiscal competitiveness and investment

Assess how different fiscal terms impact investment decisions through a comprehensive, hands-on, practical course for government and oil and gas industry executives.

Skills Gained:

  • Benchmarking global fiscal systems: concessions, PSCs, JVs, service contracts and investment incentives
  • Wood Mackenzie modelling tools that enable fiscal systems comparison and evaluation
  • Advanced economic assessment of factors impacting fiscal systems
  • Enhanced fiscal analysis competencies by practising with models
  • Optimised decision-making skills with tools and information gathered by Wood Mackenzie global team of 200+ analysts

Course Leader:

Graham Kellas
Senior Vice President, Global Fiscal Research,
Wood Mackenzie

Ensure you are part of the 7th Government Energy Fiscal Summit

If you would like to present or be involved with this year’s Summit please contact: Patricia Borges Rotolo Direct: +44 20 7978 0044 Email: pborges@thecwcgroup.com

For delegation rates please contact: Kelly-Marie Tuthill Direct: +44 20 7978 0010 Email: ktuthill@thecwcgroup.com

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